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Friday, 12 March 2010

Urban Rival

On Saturday evening the Muse and I visited the bar at Urban Brasserie. We have eaten here once before, and had drinks on another couple of occasions on quiet nights.
This time it was surprisingly busy, and the pianist quieter – an improvement on last time. All tables were taken but we got two seats at the bar.
After our usual tipples we opted for some shooters before we left. The first staff member was unable to fulfil our order explaining that cocktails are more their speciality. However the next barperson took great care in preparing a Lemon Pear Drop (Tanqueray gin and Xante pear cognac) and a Sling Shot (concentrated version of Singapore Sling: gin, lemon juice, orange bitters, Benedictine, Grand Marnier) and enquired as to our enjoyment once we had sampled our drinks. Distilled variations on trusted cocktails and very satisfactory too. The only thing missing was the advertised cherry topping on the Sling.
The place was populated with what seemed to be Glasgow’s middle-aged movers and shakers. It may be challenging the Rogano in that sense, attracting older money in the city centre. The open plan between drinkers and eaters is certainly similar but other aspects differ. I will be looking at Rogano, Urban and other establishments in an upcoming feature on the best of pre/post meal drinking in bars within restaurants.
We left intending to head towards Royal Exchange Square before a telephone call changed our plans, drawing us back west, but that was ok, we had our First Bus all-day tickets.

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